American Victory at Battle of Chippawa


THE BATTLE Ends! Be sure to read Part 1 posted June 18 and Part 2 posted June 24th.

How could the Americans win after all those losses?

battle-of-chippawa-redcoats-shootingWell, they had learned a thing or two, after all those failures and it would be the British side underestimating the abilities of their enemy in the final year of the war. The American forces had good young commanders, well trained troops, skilled artillery gunners, aggressive cavalry, large numbers of Native allies and a few tricks up their sleeves. They then used all of their different forces simultaneously to defeat the Redcoats. These were the same tactics the British had used against them for over two years.

The Reenactment Begins

Yes, it’s true, the Americans won a few battles during the War of 1812. On July 5th, local veterans, citizens and volunteers from local museums and historic sites will gather at the Battlefield of Chippawa. This event, started by veterans of more recent wars, has been an annual event for decades. The gathering always takes place on the field, on the day and at the time the battle was coming to a close on July 5th 1814. The commemoration honours the Canadian, British, Native forces, and our American cousins, who fought and died on that summer’s day 200 years ago.

For detailed times please visit the Weekend Event Itinerary.

This will be a much larger reenactment to commemorate its 200 Year Anniversary so don’t miss this historic battle at Niagara Parks!


Map to Reenactment Location

Map of Chippawa Reenactment site

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