Reenactment Marks Battle of Chippawa 200th Anniversary

Battle of Chippawa

Preparations for the Battle of Chippawa 200th anniversary are underway.

We are holding a reenactment to take place July 5th and July 6th, 2014 on the actual historic site, located at the corner of The Niagara Parkway and Edgeworth Road in Niagara Falls, Ontario (see map below).  Shuttle service will be available.

Soldier's guns pointed to the rightBattle of Chippawa History Snippet

The Battle of Chippawa was the first big fight in the Niagara campaign of 1814. After two disastrous years of warfare the U.S. Army was making one last attack on Upper Canada. The first brigade to land on the Canadian side of the river and capture Fort Erie was commanded by Winfield Scott. He had visited Canada previously with little success being wounded once, captured once and followed a retreating army home the third.

By the summer of 1814, his troops were veterans and well trained. However, a shortage of uniforms forced his brigade to wear their ‘Grey Work’ jackets. Grey was the uniform colour of the U.S Army Rifle Regiments, and the cadets at the West Point Military Academy were wearing a uniform styled after the elite rifle troops.Two soldiers shooting guns

On July 5th 1814, Winfield Scott deployed his troops near the river road across from Navy Island. His training as an artillery officer paid off that day winning him the battle. To this day, the United States Military Academy at West Point honours the American soldiers of the War of 1812 and Scott’s troops at Chippawa by wearing a dress uniform of grey.

The battlefield was left relatively untouched for decades until local citizens and the property owner worked together to save Chippawa, and it is now under the protection of The Niagara Parks Commission.

For detailed times please visit the Weekend Event Itinerary.

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Map to Reenactment Location

Map of Chippawa Reenactment site

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