Another Titan Arum on the Way – Blooming Soon

After Morph, the veteran Titan Arum bloomer graced the Floral Showhouse on June 13th with its third smelly bloom since 2012, the other contestant in the battle of the Titans has finally decided that it is now time to show some action. It seems that the newcomer, not willing to concede the entire spotlight to the mighty Morph, was just waiting for all the blooming hoopla to blow over before springing into action. The newcomer, still unnamed, deserves credit for keeping a slow and steady, tortoise-like pace during the recent race where Morph claimed the first bloom of the year honours.

Once the newcomers flower opens and the beautiful, frilly, deep-maroon spathe unfurls fully, it is going to be quite a unique (and smelly) show. Last weekend the flower bud grew another 2 inches (5 cm) each day, elongating and showing part of the frilly spathe and spadix flower parts. It won’t be long before the flower bud fully opens. It will not be a record breaking height but the determination of the newcomer during this, its first bloom is applaudable. The Titan Arum bloom is anticipated to open in early July. Watch the Niagara Parks Facebook page for blooming details.

Also impressive in their own ways, several other Titan Arums are currently in leaf at the Floral Showhouse. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Clive, who flowered last year, as it sends up a giant, green-spotted stem about 20 feet (6 m) high to form a new leaf.

Come check out the Titan Arums at the Floral Showhouse, open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Floral Showhouse will be open extended hours when the Titan Arum flower is blooming. Come visit and celebrate this amazing and rare event; it will be a visual treat and an olfactory experience! Visitors can also offer their suggestions for a name for the newcomer Titan Arum that will be blooming soon. While at the Floral Showhouse, don’t miss the foliage and flower display of the picturesque Summer Show on during the entire month of July.

Learn more about our Titan Arums here.

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