Titan Arum Youngster’s First Bloom Opening Soon

Titan arum closeup

A small Titan Arum surprised everyone at the Floral Showhouse several weeks ago by sending up a shoot that has become a flower bud. This Titan Arum wasn’t expected to bloom this year because the underground corm weighed only 27 lbs when it was re-potted. (Pictured above, this year’s first bloom, Morph, stood an impressive 57.5″ tall)

Titan Arums don’t typically bloom until the corm is 35 lbs. This “little guy” has grown steadily every day for the last several weeks and now stands 53.5” tall – impressive for this youngster’s first bloom.

The frilly pleated spathe is still wrapped around the purplish centre spadix on July 22, and the flower is expected to fully open early next week.

Closed Titan Arum shoot

The Floral Showhouse is open 9:30 am to 5 pm daily for visitors to see the Titan Arum and many other floral displays –orchids, cacti, succulents, annuals and tropicals.

For information call 905-356-2241 ext 2400 or follow along with the Titan Arum’s growth online: niagaraparks.com/titan

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