Opening Soon – a Big Titan Arum Bloom

A giant Titan Arum bloom is imminent at the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse and is expected to open in a few days. Clive, one of the biggest Titan Arums has a massive flower bud and now stands at 82.5” (209.5 cm) in height. Titan-June-19-2015But what is so amazing this time (Clive bloomed once before for us in 2012) is that the flower bud is the widest we have seen.  Once the flower opens and the beautiful frilly, deep maroon spathe unfurls fully it is going to be a quite a spectacular show – even if Clive doesn’t reach world record heights. Finally, three months after the first sign of the flower bud poked through the soil, the long wait is over and blooming day is near.

To check on the status of the Titan Arum flower bud as it progresses toward opening day visit the live webcam at .

The Floral Showhouse will be open extended hours when the flower is blooming. Come visit and celebrate this amazing and rare feat. It will be a visual and olfactory treat!

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