One Giant Titan Takes the Lead!

Two giant Titan Arum plants at the Floral Showhouse are attracting a lot of attention. The hometown favourite, a plant called Morph, is waging an epic race against a newcomer, that is not yet named.

They have been waging this silent, epic battle of the Titans for over a month now, racing to be the first one to bloom. But Morph’s recent, sustained spurt of growth has left the unnamed rival falling behind. Morph, a veteran bloomer, has shown that enthusiasm is no match for experience. Morph’s giant flower bud has recently been growing over 3 inches (7 cm) a day, and on June 6th it stood 48 inches (120 cm) tall. Wayne Hoeschle, the Titan Arum curator, now needs to climb a ladder to measure the flower bud each morning. Even though Morph looks impressive right now, based on past records its flower bud will soon grow twice as tall before opening fully in all its smelly glory, most likely around the middle of June. The unnamed rival, currently dawdling along at less than an inch (2 cm) per day, will bloom a couple of weeks later, losing the battle.

Visitors to the Floral Showhouse can fill in a ballot and offer their suggestions for a name for the determined rival. Rarely do you get a chance to name one of the world’s tallest flowers, so hurry and submit your choice today. Incidentally, don’t pick “Mr. Stinky” since it is already the nickname for several smelly Titan Arum relatives at the Floral Showhouse.

Having bloomed twice each since 2012, when they were the first reported Titan Arums to bloom in Canada, Morph and another Titan Arum called Clive have been the superstars of the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse. Now Morph is preparing to bloom again – a third under his name in the Floral Showhouse ledger. Once the flower opens and the beautiful, frilly, deep-maroon spathe unfurls fully, it is going to be quite a spectacular (and smelly) show.

Also impressive in their own ways, several other Titan Arums are currently in leaf at the Floral Showhouse. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Clive, who flowered last year, as it sends up a giant, green-spotted stem about 20 feet (6 m) high to form a new leaf.

Come check out the Titan Arums at the Floral Showhouse, open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Floral Showhouse will be open extended hours when the Titan Arum flowers are blooming. Come visit and celebrate this amazing and rare event; it will be a visual treat and an olfactory experience!
While at the Floral Showhouse, you’ll also enjoy the beauty of the Martha Washington Geranium Show during the entire month of June.

While at the Floral Showhouse, you’ll also enjoy the beauty of the Martha Washington Geranium Show during the entire month of June.

Learn more about our Titan Arums here.

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